(About) 15 Minutes of Fame is the fourteenth 11 minute episode of the animated series, Twipsy.

(About) 15 Minutes of Fame (episode)
Season 1, Episode 14
Other Languages
German Der Sensationsreporter

(The Sensation Reporter)

Finnish Vartin Verran Julkkis

(Fifteen Minutes of Celebrity)

Polish Unknown
Spanish Quince Minutos de Fama
Italian 15 Minuti di Fama

(15 Minutes of Fame)

Basque Unknown
Korean 허비의 폭로

(heobiui poglo; Herbie uncovered!)

Episode Statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
Episode Guide
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No, no, Know-it All! (episode) A Day in the Life of a Doll (episode)

Synopsis Edit

Herbie, Albert's brother, tries his luck as a reporter of sensational news. He takes a photo of Twipsy and sells the story to Art Abrash, a disreputable TV producer. Reporters besiege the house, hoping for a sight of the famous "extraterrestrial". Lissie meets the TV producer and tells him the truth about the cyber-messenger Twipsy. Of course he doesn't believe a word of it, and cancels the show.[1]

References Edit

  1. Amazon. 2015. Twipsy - Season 1, Episode 14 "(About) 15 Minutes of fame"  [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 23 April 2015].

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