Charming Champ (episode)
Season 1, Episode 20
Other Languages
German Hypno, der Große

(Hypno the Great)

Finnish Koira Koulussa

(Dog School)

Polish Unknown
Spanish Champ, La Hechizada

(Champ, the Bewitched)

Italian Lampo in ipnosi

(Champ in hypnosis)

Basque Unknown
Korean 컴퓨터광 챔프

(keompyuteogwang chaempeu; Computer-ray Champ)

Episode Statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
Episode Guide
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Mall Madness (episode) No Business like Slow Business (episode)

Charming Champ is the twentieth 11 minute episode of the animated series, Twipsy.

Synopsis Edit

Hypno the Great bets Twipsy that he can make anyone computer-addicted, and he plans to try it on the first person mentioned in an e-mail. The victim happens to be Champ, the Walker family's decrepit old dog. Sure enough, Hypno wins his bet: Champ will do nothing but stare at the computer. Lissie asks Twipsy to help her turn Champ back into a normal dog again.[1]

References Edit

  1. Amazon. 2015. Twipsy - Season 1, Episode 20 "Charming Champ" [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 20 April 2015].

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