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Disappearing Info is the thirty-first 11 minute episode of the animated series, Twipsy.

Synopsis Edit

Herbie installs a virus on Albert's computer. It makes Twipsy lose some data he has to transport urgently. Fearing punishment by Information Control, Twipsy goes to see Albert in the real world, and they try to work out an anti-virus program together. They succeed! Twipsy recovers the lost data, and there's a surprise waiting for Albert... [1]


  • It is likely that Herbie may have been familiar with brother Albert's genius programming skills to exact revenge against him, hence his ability to install and program a virus on Albert's computer.
  • This episode demonstrates Twipsy's calculative and assistive intelligence, and in one scene, he is seen working together with Albert programming an antivirus program from scratch.

References Edit

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