Drywell Gazonk bar

Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Species energy being, cybermessenger
Age Unknown
Occupation cyberspace courier
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Realm cyberspace

Drywell is one of the cybermessengers in charge of delivering data packages and emails around cyberspace, however he is rather clumsy, and prefers fun and play than work. He is one of Twipsy's close friends.


Drywell is a tall blue cybermessenger with a round head with a propeller antenna on his head, and a large orange nose. He appears to wear a blue jumpsuit, and he has an orange and yellow wing on his back between his shoulders. His arms are yellow from the shoulders, and blue from the elbows down to his gloves - he has a white glove on his left arm and a gold glove on the right. His left leg is yellow from the hip and blue from the knee down, while his right leg is red from the hip and yellow from the knee down.


Drywell tends to focus more on the fun thins, rather than the drudgery of work, compared to Mort-Ray, his alter mirror image. He is often the first to show up in games, races and even all manner of chaos. He often is present at the Gameland arcade between shifts.

Being the typical class clown, Drywell often enjoys making others laugh, sometimes making fun of everyone and everything - of course, sometimes his jokes go a little too far for his friends' patience.


Drywell was one of the cybermessengers to first approach and interact with a human - Nick Walker, who accidentally arrived in cyberspace in How it Happened

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