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The EXPOSEEUM is a small museum located in the Expo-Park area in Hannover, Germany. Shortly following the World Exposition in the year 2000, the EXPOSEEUM as an organisation was founded in 2001. It currently showcases photos, memorabilia and exhibits dedicated to the 153 days of the World Exposition, which opened on June 1st and closed end of October 31st, 2000.

Founding Edit

The museum organisation was founded by a group of former employees who worked at the World Exposition in Hannover, and was based on the former World Expo grounds. With an exhibition size of 500m², the EXPOSEEUM has a wide collection of photos, films, models of the Expo Pavilion buildings (as they are scale models, the actual buildings were demolished, left derelict, moved to other countries, or sadly damaged beyond repair), and even gifts from individual guests from 153 nations were presented.

Difficulties Edit

Since the museum is not publicly funded (and strongly relies on visitor admission fees and donations), the museum often has run into financial difficulties that would have caused its closure.

Spot the Twipsy Edit

  • As Twipsy shared significance as being the official mascot of the World Exposition in Hannover, it is not uncommon to find some memorabilia being exhibited in parts of the museum. Amongst the collection is a large plush model of Twipsy, seated and greeting guests with a hello.

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