This list corresponds to the number, names and description of the episodes as follows, in both English and German titles. Note that there are two parts to a whole episode: the header (present only on half of the total episodes paired in doubles, indicated by Group number) and the main episode.

Grp. Nu. Screen Eng. Name Ger. Name
01 01
How it Happened Kurzschluss mit Folgen

(Following a Short)

Welcome to Cyberspace Willkommen im Cyberspace

(Welcome to Cyberspace)

02 03
0103 TwipsyRainReaction
Hello, real world, why'd do you have to be so wet? Heimweh


The first cyber tail Champ als Computervirus

(Champ the Computervirus)

03 05
Do you want to know a secret? Geheim, oder was?

(Secret, or whatever?)

Let us entertain you Twipsy, das Showtalent

(Twipsy the Show Talent)

04 07
Peeuuugh! Champ stinkt zum Himmel

(Champ Stinks to Heaven)

Twipsy0108 PapayaSmoothie
Anything for a papaya smoothie Geld macht nicht glücklich

(Money doesn't buy happiness)

05 09
Twipsy0109 AlbertInfo
Chess rules! Futter für den Datenfresser

(Food for the Dataeater)

Twipsy0110 StartLine
Messengers mess up Das Cyber-Rennen

(The Cyber Race)

06 11
From cyberspace to living space Das Karten-Chaos

(The Card Chaos)

Dream on, Dr Walker! Träume sind Schäume

(Dreams are...)

07 13
No, no, Know-it All! Das Superhirn

(The Mastermind)

(About) 15 Minutes of Fame Der Sensationsreporter

(The Sensation Reporter)

08 15
A Day in the Life of a Doll Frieda, die Göttliche

(Frieda the Divine)

Twipsy Sees the Light Liebe, was ist das?

(Love, what is it?)

09 17
Twipsy bellyhurt
The Case of the Missing Pastry Die Futter-Falle

(The Feed Trap)

18 Bike Rides Der Fahrraddieb

(The Bike Thief)

10 19 Mall Madness Gefangen im Cyberspace

(Trapped in Cyberspace)

20 Charming Champ Hypno, der Große

(Hypno the Great)

11 21 No Business like Slow Business Streik im Cyberspace

(Strike in Cyberspace)

22 The Unlawful Messenger Das Schwarze Loch

(The Black Hole)

12 23
LissieTwipsy BlitzoClass
Bad Advice Lissie, das Cybergirl

(Lissie the Cybergirl)

24 Flea Days Flohalarm

(Flea Alarm)

13 25 Henry's toy talks back Das sprechende Spielzeug

(The talking toy)

26 Out, out spot Die unsichtbare Lissie

(Invisible Lissie)

14 27
Trouble LissieFamily
Looking for Trouble Trouble mit Trouble

(Trouble with Trouble)

28 A Fish out of Water Ein Fisch auf dem Trockenen

(A Fish Out of Water)

15 29 Grounded In der Falle

(In the trap)

30 One Poem Coming Right Up! Die Blubberzone

(The Blabberzone)

16 31 Disappearing Info Herbies Virus

(Herbie's Virus)

32 Herbie the Nice Ein Engel namens Herbie

(An Angel named Herbie)

17 33
Twipsy NickEnquire
Ouch! Information Hurts! Gute Nachrichten - schlechte Nachrichten

(Good news, Bad News)

34 Just Imagine... Alles nur Einbildung

(Everything just Imagination)

18 35 Hair care Groupie Nick

(Groupie Nick)

36 A Birthday Wish Twipsy zwischen den Welten

(Twipsy between Worlds)

19 37 Gone with the Wind Vom Winde verweht

(Gone with the Wind)

38 Twipsy, the Pest Gefahr aus dem Netz

(Danger from the Network)

20 39 Wither weather Die Wettervorhersage

(Weather Forecast)

40 The Bark is Worse than the Byte Party mit Pannen

(Party with Margins)

21 41 Party! Party-Stress

(Party Stress)

42 Answers from Another Dimension (episode) Nick in Nöten

(Nick in Distress)

22 43 Beware the Storms Sturm im Cyberspace

(Storm in Cyberspace)

44 Do Re Mi... Be Quiet Die total verrückte Klavierstunde

(The Totally Crazy Piano Lesson)

23 45 Save the Planet Week Die Umweltwoche

(The Environment)

46 Sick Day Verirrt im Cyberspace

(Lost in Cyberspace)

24 47 Albert the Superhero Albert der Superheld

(Albert the Superhero)

Truly Two-ly Twipsy Twipsy x 2
25 49 Your Wonderful Present Die große Verwechslung

(The Great Confusion)

MissInfo GrabTwipsy
Love Conquers None Nur die Liebe zählt

(You Need is Love)

26 51
Twipsy-fossilrun e52
Relic Wanted Fossil verloren!

(Lost fossil!)

MrsBarkhorn Visitors
House for Sale Ich will hier nicht weg!

(I do not want to leave!)


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