Ouch! Information Hurts! (episode)
Twipsy NickEnquire
Season 1, Episode 33
Other Languages
German Gute Nachrichten - schlechte Nachrichten

(Good news, Bad News)

Finnish Tieto Lisää Tuskaa

(Information More Pain)

Polish Unknown
Spanish ¡Ay! ¡La Información Duele!
Italian Le informazioni fanno male

(The information they hurt!)

Basque Unknown
Korean 슬픈 메일은 싫어!

(seulpeun meil-eun silh-eo! Sad hate mail!)

Episode Statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Ouch! Information Hurts! is the thirty-third 11 minute episode of the animated series, Twipsy.

Synopsis Edit

Nick gets news by e-mail, saying he can't take part in the school soccer game. He has been training hard to be ready for the game, so he is very sad. Twipsy feels sorry for him, and begins wondering if the transfer of data and information is such a good thing after all, since human beings get hurt. He starts a rebellion in cyberspace: no one is to transport or distribute any more bad news.[1]


Spoiler Alert!

This is a detailed explanation of the episode as it follows. If you have not seen the episode as of yet, we advise you to tread carefully.

Nick is very excited for the upcoming school soccer tournament, and especially at the prospect of being selected for the team – to Nick, this means a lot to him, and Twipsy understands so. However, Twipsy checks the email on Nick's computer, and gets Nick to come read it. The news shocks them both: Nick hasn't been selected for the school team. This upsets Nick and worries Twipsy greatly. Back to work in cyberspace, Twipsy is beginning to have second thoughts on the data package he is carrying in his arms. His rival, Gazonk, notices Twipsy struggling to decide whether to continue carrying the package, or to stop altogether, fearing he may be carrying bad news. Fearing that Twipsy might be going against orders, Gazonk decides to report to the authorities. Nick is particularly hit hard by the news, back in the real world, as he starts bagging his jersey and soccer shoes out of frustration. His sister, Lissie, reassures him that perhaps there will be another opportunity for participating in the sport in the future, but Nick remains dampened by the news. The dilemma in cyberspace continues and intensifies as Twipsy finally goes on strike, and remains parked on the highway, refusing to budge with his data package. The cyber police squad take notice of his defiance and try to get him to go forward, and to get on with his job, but to no avail. As more cybermessengers arrive at the exact spot on the highway, this causes a gradual traffic jam. As Twipsy continues his strike, and his ongoing refusal to deliver the information, the cybermessengers follow suit and in turn refuse to move forward along the highway. This affects the network, as Albert and Lissie in the real world take notice of their Internet speed slowing to a crawl. Realising that perhaps Twipsy might be causing the network to slow down (perhaps because of the bad news), Lissie and Nick decide to mediate with the cybermessenger in cyberspace. As both human children arrive well, they manage to get through the blockade of cybermessengers, to finally meet Twipsy, grovelling and depressed on the highway, refusing to leave. As Twipsy explains his reasons for the strike, both human children tell him that whether good or bad, news has to be delivered, and that bad news doesn't mean it's the end either. Finally convinced that it's preferable to accept bad news gracefully than in defeat, and that the cybermessengers will have to resume information transfer work, Twipsy decides to alert the crowds of cybermessengers (albeit his speech is in Goubish) still waiting on the highway. One by one, the cybermessengers resume their job of carrying information along the highway, ending the blockade, and resuming normal function on the network altogether. Fortunately in the real world, as the school soccer tournament is running and Nick remains on the sidelines, the coach announces a trade of players, and to his surprise, Nick is chosen to play on the field, and his skills finally help his team win the game.

References Edit

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