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This wikia is dedicated to Expo 2000's iconic cyber messenger, as well as the animated show he stars in, and many other related topics. The aim of the wikia is to not only share information about the aforementioned, but also to keep the memory alive.

On this wikia, you will find some interesting information on the characters, locations and episodes, as well as its related topics , so don't be afraid to browse and interact. Simply refer to the navigation on the right if you want to get started!

Don't worry, care has been taken to make sure no data-eaters pilfer the wikia. Have a nice day.

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Here are some readings found on the web that may be of interest:


Help Wanted!

Even if it's over a few drinks, we need your help and support to help put this wikia together. Own some VHS recordings of the series? Digitise them for referential purposes. Have a memory, or recall an episode? Discuss in the forums (however they are subject to moderation and rules.). You may also complete this research survey to help forward your voice in the matter. Well wishes!

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Show of hands if you still remember Twipsy?

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How did you first hear about Twipsy?

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Which characters do you side with?

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